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a word from our director


Students who arrive late for the course will forfeit their seats and must re-register and pay for the course again in full. Please be 15 minutes early to avoid this inconvenience. We are unable to offer a grace period.


​You may cancel or reschedule your registration without penalty 7 days or more prior to your course start date. Within 4-6 days prior to your course start date, you may reschedule to a later date for a $75 rescheduling fee. With 3 days or less to the start of your course, no refund or rescheduling is offered.


Refunds will be issued in the same form as the original payment; if a credit card was used, that card will be credited. All refunds will be processed within 5 business days. If you cannot or do not attend your scheduled course, you forfeit your registration and your registration fee.


Course seats are non-transferable. Only the original purchaser will be added to the course roster and be allowed to attend the course.


If you No Show on either day or for the entirety of the course, your seat will be forfeited.


All students will be given the opportunity to learn and practice maneuvers on the range unless otherwise specified.  It is within the sole discretion of the Instructor to dismiss any student from the class if they are deemed to be a hazard to themselves or others involved in the class.


​The course will continue despite inclement weather, including rain, cold, and heat. On the rare occasion that it is deemed appropriate by PRU, we will reschedule the range date for the course. If any such exceptions occur, you will be notified via text.



  1. Prior to arriving at the range, you MUST complete our course waiver. Click Here Now

  2. You must provide the MSF eCourse certificate of completion within 5 days of range completion.

  3. You must bring one of the following:

    1. A valid Driver’s License

    2. Motorcycle Permit or a Driver’s License Permit

  4. Under 18: You will also need a parent or legal guardian present to sign your waiver form. Once they do that, they are free to leave, and you'll be good to go!




You are highly encouraged to complete the MSF eCourse before the range portion of the course. However, a student has up to 5 days after the range instruction to complete the MSF eCourse. The MSF Basic Rider Course card and the Virginia DMV license waiver card will not be issued until proof of completion is provided and the skills test is successfully completed.


The MSF eCourse certificate of completion is NOT accepted as a license waiver by any state DMV or as a license to ride a motorcycle or a learner’s permit. A student must successfully complete both the e-learning and range modules before a valid license waiver will be issued.


Please Note: It is the student's obligation to ensure your state will accept the license waiver card issued at the completion of our courses. Please see the License Info tab on our website.


Your MSF eCourse completion certificate is valid for 30 days. Your range course must be scheduled within those 30 days. If you have completed an eCourse greater than 30 days before the course start date, you must retake the eCourse (you can re-take it for free) by logging in and checking the “Start new attempt” checkbox.


By using PRU-provided motorcycles and equipment, each student accepts their personal responsibility for the safe operation of the loaned or rented equipment. PRU offers a Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) as an optional service that waives your financial responsibility for any damage incurred during course use.

PRU is aware that 2-wheel range exercises on occasion may challenge a student's skills and balance of the motorcycle, and the 2-wheel motorcycle could be dropped by the student.  Damages incurred to the levers (clutch, brake, and shift lever) are the responsibility of the school, and all other damages are the responsibility of the student. 


Students using our 3-wheel equipment for training are responsible for any and all damages incurred while the student is operating the equipment.


The student is fully responsible for any damages incurred due to operator negligence or recklessness while operating any PRU equipment. 


All students are required to maintain a professional and respectful manner during the course. At no time will a student be allowed to create a hostile environment or abuse the equipment provided by PRU. If a student is found to be disruptive, vulgar, or disrespectful to RiderCoaches, Range Aides, or other students, or abuses the equipment provided, that person will be warned of their conduct. A second occurrence will result in the dismissal of the student from the course without a refund for the course and associated fees. Care for the equipment and mutual respect are necessary for learning to occur.​


It is necessary for students to wear all required gear and be ready to start the course at the scheduled start time.


The required clothing and footwear are:

  • Sturdy, over-the-ankle boots are required (e.g., hiking boots; steel-toed boots and cowboy boots are not suggested).

  • Denim or other heavyweight pants are required (yoga pants are not acceptable).

  • A long-sleeved shirt or jacket is required.

  • Eye protection, like sunglasses or goggles, is required.

  • A Department of Transportation (DOT) compliant 3/4 or full-face helmet is required.


Failure to wear all required gear at the course start time is equivalent to late arrival. Students who are not ready to start the course at the scheduled start time will forfeit their seats and will have to re-register and pay for the course again in full.


If you do not have a helmet, you can rent one. However, we require that you reserve a helmet before the course. Students renting a helmet must pay a $25.00 Prep and Cleaning fee. Students renting a helmet will receive a free pair of gloves that they can use for the course and keep.


Course helmets provided range from Small to XXL. If you require a helmet smaller or larger than these sizes, please visit one of our sponsor dealers.  You will need to purchase a helmet that meets DOT standards and is a 3/4 hard shell or Full-Face helmet.


NOTE: Half-helmets are not permitted.


Click HERE to reserve your helmet and gloves.


Please see our Riding Gear Tab for additional information: Riding Gear



You may accumulate no more than 10 points in Part A or 15 points total in both Part A & B to pass the Riding Skills Evaluation. You cannot drop the motorcycle and still pass. Students who do not pass the Riding Skills Evaluation will not be given the opportunity to retake the test due to Virginia policy. You may be given an opportunity to retake the course at a discounted rate of $200.00.




Not everyone develops the necessary skills for riding at the same pace, and some individuals may find it impossible to reach an adequate level of skill at the same pace as others. Your RiderCoach wants to see you succeed, but if they feel you have become a danger to yourself or others, they may ask you to return at a later date. You will be given an opportunity to retake the course at a discounted rate of $200.00.




Please keep us informed if you have unique health issues that may affect your ability to ride safely over a number of hours, outside, and in varying extreme weather conditions. We try to accommodate individual needs allowing most students to successfully complete a course. We will not deviate from the course material or the evaluation criteria as it is the Virginia licensing standard.


If you need to leave the course early or cannot complete it due to illness or a health emergency, you will need to notify your coach. You will need to retake the course in its entirety, and we will do our best to accommodate you with a new course at a discounted rate of $200. If you contact the main office after 3 business days, you will forfeit the discounted rate.


If you have a health concern prior to taking your class, please call our office as soon as possible.



What customers should expect from the curricula:

Some in this class may be learning to ride for the first time. Some may have limited experience, and others may have lots of experience. This course is designed for the beginning rider and progresses from simple to complex. Your expectations may be to learn to ride, improve your knowledge and skill, and comply with state law or court orders.  This course is designed to prepare riders for street riding and will accommodate those expectations.

What customers should expect of coaches, and what coaches expect of them:

The coaches’ responsibility is to facilitate on-cycle learning in a safe and responsible manner.  Experience has shown us that not everyone who enrolls in a motorcycle rider course is ready to ride at the time of their course. The problem could be one of nervousness, balance, coordination, or repeated failures to respond to coaching. Your coaches will do everything required by the curriculum and within the limits of safety to coach each student to meet the minimum standards required by the DMV. However, there is NO GUARANTEE that everyone who has enrolled in this course will meet those standards as relates to the knowledge and/or riding skills evaluations. Unsafe conditions will not be allowed, and coaches will excuse from further riding any student who, in their view, presents a safety hazard to themselves, or their classmates, or repeatedly fails to respond to coaching.

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