proper riding gear is very imporant

Required Apparel:


What you MUST Wear while Riding on the Training Range

Note: Please bring and wear a face mask, when not wearing your helmet

  • A DOT Approved Full-face or ¾-face helmet Helmet         

  • Eye protection ( your Helmet visor is the best option )

  • Full-finger gloves ( Leather or Mechanics Work Gloves okay )

Gloves Note: Medical Gloves, Garden Gloves, etc. are not acceptable​

  • Long-sleeve shirt or jacket 

  • Long Pants ( Heavy Denim, Jeans, etc. )

Pants Note: Fitness Wear, Yoga Pants, Sweats pants, etc. are not acceptable​

  • Over-the-ankle sturdy boots ( Hiking, or work boots work best )

Footwear Note: Canvas Sneakers are not acceptable​

Helmets and gloves can be rented for the class

Size is not guaranteed. We highly recommend that you acquire your own helmet and gloves for the class and are professionally fitted.

No skin may be exposed below

the neck when on the range

Please do not wear patchy clothing


clothing that has holes in them