A seasoned financial executive with over 40 years of experience. Proven record building strong management teams, raising capital, completing acquisitions and implementing best business practices. Managed a P&L while creating a corporate culture that was directed at increasing shareholder value.

Prior to PowerRide University, Richard built the nation’s largest provider in the world, of orthotic and prosthetic services with over 625 patient care facilities.


Richard was also a member of PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Philadelphia, PA.



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Has been involved in the industry for over 40 years. She has supported motorcycle education for over 30 years.  She serves on the Motorcycle Industry Council Dealers Advisory Board and the Powersports Dealers Association of Virginia.


Her experience, passion and attention to detail has grown our school to the number one school in Virginia.




PowerRide Universities Southern Area Manager began riding in 1999 after taking a basic rider course in Shreveport, LA.  He has been training motorcycle riders since 2004 in cities and at military bases across the country.  He is a Nationally Certified Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Two-Wheel basic, Advance, and 3 wheel RiderCoach.



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Lisa began riding 14 years ago after taking her basic riders course.  In March of 2007 she purchased her Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 Low and has many miles in the saddle.  Due to some health concerns she has not been actively riding for about a year but enjoys still being in the riding family, just in a different way. Contrary to her last name, she has no family relation to our Director of Training.


She is an excellent liaison assisting students with their questions and her administrative experience keeps everything running smoothly.




From trail riding as a kid on a CR80, to sport riding on his ZX-9R, to long peaceful trips on his Road King, motorcycling has always been a source of joy and excitement in Sean’s life.


Throughout his twenty-year career in the powersports industry, he has tried to share his passion for motorcycling with new riders and seasoned veterans alike by building dealerships committed to rider education and safety.


Sean feels privileged to help introduce a new generation of riders to the motorcycling community and hopes they will gain the skills needed to enjoy a lifetime of two-wheel adventures.



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Dr. Donald Green, is a lifetime motorcyclist with more than 30 years of training knowledge, experiential learning, and organizational management. Don is a certified Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) RiderCoach and RiderCoach Trainer. Don is also a lifetime HOG member, a lifetime AMA member, and was awarded AMA’s 2014 Road Rider of the year award for his work in motorcycle rider education. 


 His certifications include the Basic Rider Course (BRC) for both two and three wheel, BRC level 2, Advanced Rider Course, Military Sport Riders Course, Returning Rider BRC, Introductory Motorcycle Experience, SMARTrainer, and Quality Assurance Specialist (QAS) rider curriculums.




Mitchell is the Website Administrator in charge of managing the PowerRide University Website, its Design, Content, Functionality, and Maintenance.


Mitchell has been with PowerRide University since its inception in 2019, and has been riding ever since when he passed the Two Wheel, Three Wheel Basic Rider Course, and Advanced Rider Course provided by PowerRide University!


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David W. has been a certified Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) instructor since 2018.  He teaches the 2-Wheel Basic Basic Rider Course (BRC) and is a Harley Davison Riding Academy certified instructor.  He has owned several motorcycles over the past 15 years and currently rides a Triumph Explorer.  Riding safely is his everyday goal.  David’s motto is to “come home without a scratch”.   He also volunteers as an umpire for the Lower Loudoun Little League.

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Tim T. bought his first motorcycle in 1983.  He has been training riders since 2009, working with a variety of motorcycle safety programs from the military, to public and private sectors.  He is a Nationally Certified Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Two -Wheel Basic (BRC/BRCu) and Advanced (ARC) level RiderCoach.  He is also a Harley Davidson Riding Academy Certified Instructor.  He believes in life-long learning and is eager to share his knowledge and passion for motorcycling with new riders. Tim served 30 years with the US Army and now spends his time split between riding, teaching and other hobbies.

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James C. is a retired Military Officer and a current 5th- Grade School Teacher in Fairfax County.  He has been a Rider Coach for more than 5 years and has traveled over 150,000 miles on the bike in this picture alone.  He also works as a Mot Referee for USA Cycling, writes safety articles for BMW ON Magazine, and runs a small charity for underprivileged youth in South Carolina.  James is not only a Rider Coach, but he is also a Life-Long Learner.  He is always seeking out new learning opportunities to hone his skills.




Hi folks, Rodney W here – also known as Chocolate Smoothie.  I’ve been fascinated with motorcycles since I was a kid and started riding in 1993.  I’ve had quite a few mounts, of different sizes and styles, and am currently on a Goldwing 1800.  In my younger days I did a little amateur racing but now I’m all about easy ridin’.  I started Coaching in 2009 and find it especially rewarding seeing an initially intimidated rider candidate walk away with a bonafide license.  I’m looking forward to helping you transition into this awesome avocation!




Drew S earliest memory of motorcycles started at the age of 6 when he his father took him for a ride on the back of his Goldwing Aspencade. While he enjoyed the comfort of cruising it was his father's kz900 street bike that fueled his enthusiasm for riding. Drew has been riding motorcycles for close to 20 years and it wasn’t until April 2018 that he received his certification to be a 2 wheel Basic Rider Coach. Drew is as passionate about teaching as he is learning. Drew looks forward to a long career as a rider coach as well as a student of riding.

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Mark Q.'s passion for 2 wheels started at the age of 10 when he first stole his older brother’s dirt bike and went for a joy ride that miraculously ended well with the bike and Mark coming home in one piece, at least until his father got a hold of him.  He received his own dirt bike at the age of 12.  Since then motorcycles have been in his blood.  His experience on motorcycles span all varieties of 2 wheel vehicles from dirt bikes, to sport bikes, cruisers, and touring motorcycles.  He has been an MSF certified RiderCoach for several years and has had experience teaching the 2-wheel BRC at public and private schools in several states.


  Additionally, he is a Harley Davidson Riding Academy Certified Instructor and has been a senior rider and sometimes served as ride captain for several Harley Davidson HOG chapters around the country.  Mark’s other passion is scuba diving and he is a PADI certified Dive Master.  When not working in his professional career, Mark always says “I am either above ground on 2 wheels or I am at least 60 feet under.”  Mark’s moto is “never stop learning.” His passion for motorcycles and enthusiasm for teaching become obvious when you meet him.

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David is a Nationally Certified Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Instructor.  He teaches the 2-wheel Basic Rider Course (BRC), Basic Rider Course 2 (BRC 2) and Advanced Rider Course (ARC).  He taught these courses to military personnel on the Navy Bases Northern Virginia and Maryland area. And currently teaches them to Northern Virginia area residents interested in learning to ride or improve their riding skills. Additionally, he is a Harley Davidson Riding Academy Certified Instructor.


He is also a 3-wheel certified with the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Evergreen Safety Council to teach and license riders in the Basic Sidecar/Trike Education Program (S/TEP).


Additionally, he is Yamaha Champion Certified Coach and United States Motorcycle Coaching Association certified coach. One of the most rewarding things about being a coach is helping others achieve their goals.

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I have been riding most of my life, any chance I get I’m on a long distance ride.  There are very few states I've not ridden through (even rode on a Harley all over the island of Guam...many times). The absolute best ride was riding from coast to coast Washington State to Northern Virginia and getting to see this beautiful country on two wheels!!  I retired from the U.S. Army in 2018 after 22 years of active duty.


I have been an active member of the American Legion Riders since 2009 and for the Rolling Thunder VA chapter since 2018. I wanted to share my passion for riding and started coaching Basic Riding Courses in October 2020. I am working on adding more rider coach experience to my resume including my 3 Wheel Rider Coach Certification in early 2021.  




Bio Coming Soon!

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Ben's dad bought a used minibike off the side of the road when Ben was about 8 years old. That purchase and subsequent shenanigans sparked a lifelong love of all powersports, but in particular 2 wheeled dirt bikes and motorcycles. Ben has now been riding for over 15 years and is not planning to slow down anytime soon. He received his certification to be a 2 wheel Basic Rider Coach in October of 2020 and is looking forward to his first full year of teaching while continuing his own motorcycle education. Ben is a firm believer in the principles of lifelong learning and is excited to share his passion for motorcycling

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I have been a life long motorcyclist starting out when I bought a new 1969 Honda trail 50 at 11 years old. I had several different dirt bikes growing up and earned my motorcycle endorsement at 16. I also enjoyed racing 125 cc motocross my senior year of high school.  


I enlisted in the U.S. Air Force in 1977 as a Munitions Maintenance Technician. I rode throughout my military career at various duty stations both here and abroad eventually purchasing a new Honda CB750F Sport Bike. I took my first motorcycle safety class on base and, realized I was not as skilled riding as I thought I was. 


In 1990 I was certified as a MSF Instructor teaching in Germany and here in the states. I also taught several years with Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program and continued as a volunteer at Moody AFB on weekends after I retired from 24 years of service as a MSgt in 2001. I drove trucks for the next 17 years for several companies teaching safety classes on weekends.


In 2017, my wife and I moved up to Stafford, VA to be closer to family and Grandkids! Since 2018, I have been teaching M/C Safety classes at local military bases. I enjoy teaching with Powerride to help both beginners and experienced rides enjoy our great sport. I currently have two bikes, a 1994 Honda XR 650L dual sport and, a 2000 Moto Guzzi 1100 ES adventure bike.

Phillip on Spyder.jpg



Phillip L is a dual certified RiderCoach teaching both two and three wheel motorcycle safety courses.  In addition to MSF and ESC certifications he is also Red Cross certified in AED, CPR and First Aid for Adults, Children and Infants.  Phillip is also certified to teach MSF’s IME course and is constantly learning and working to improve his coaching and teaching skills.  In the year ahead Phillip will be working at gaining additional certifications to become a Quality Control specialist as well as a 2 wheel RiderCoach trainer and a 3 wheel Chief Instructor.  Phillip rides a 2017 Can Am RT limited as well as a 2015 Can Am F3 Sport. Phillip considers himself one of our Spyder Specialists and loves to be a resource to all of our students here at PowerRide University.




Born in Corpus Christi Texas, but since my father was in the U.S. Navy we travelled around the country.  Attended the University of Texas, Austin graduating in 1975.  After earning my BS in Biology, I went to NAS Miramar, California, via NAS Pensacola, Florida as an Aviation Candidate.   I joined the fighter community and flew in the F-14 Tomcat and was associated with the aviation community for 29 years.  I took a position as an ARINC Unit Manager at Joint Forces Command and served for eight years.  In 2010, I transitioned from my staff job to something "fun" and attended motorcycle instructor preparation.  I have taught the Basic Rider Course since 2011 and added the Evergreen Safety Council 3 Wheel qualification in 2014.  I recently received certification for the Basic Rider Course Update, 4 February 2021. 

My motorcycling experience began at the age of 15 when I threw a paper route from a Honda for three years.  While I was flying I took a break from motorcycle riding, but in 1999 I chose to hang-up my flight gear and returned to motorcycling.  My initial purchase was a Harley-Davidson Super Glide and after 87,000 miles I purchased an 2006 Electra Glide (92,000 miles).  In 2017, I purchased my current motorcycle which is a Road Glide Ultra (14,800 miles so far).

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I've been dreaming of riding since I was 6 but life kept me from it until 3 years ago, I ride over 11k miles a year. Love riding safely so much that I became a Ridercoach 2 years ago and went straight into teaching the BRC. I'm BRC2013, BRCu, ARC and HDRA certified. Also CPR/EAD Certified for Adults




My passion for two wheeled vehicles started at an early age.  I had a childhood friend who owned a small 50cc Honda that we used to take turns riding through the mountain trails behind our family’s houses.  Since that point, I dreamed of owning my own motorcycle one day.  At the age of 15 I bought my first dirt bike and never looked back!  


I have been riding for the past 26 years, every type of motorcycle you can think of from dirt bikes to high performance street bikes, cruisers and now an adventure bike.  When I am not riding or teaching I am saving lives as a medical professional in the US Army.  My passion has evolved over the years and has challenged me at every turn.  My experience on the dirt, track and street have made me the rider I am today.  


My love for adventure and the thrill of pushing myself to be a better rider have created another passion of mine which is to teach others to ride.  Sharing with each student of mine the knowledge and skill it takes to ride is what drives me to give each of them the best experience possible.  I look forward to sharing the thrill of riding with all who seek it!




Larry grew up on motorcycles to include some motocross and cross country racing in his youth but took a hiatus from riding for the first 23 years of his military career. Since beginning again
in 2006, he has logged thousands of miles on six different motorcycles. An almost daily, year round rider, many of those miles have accumulated on his daily commute from Stafford to Spotsylvania where he currently works as an IT Program Manager. His daily commuter is a Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200 XCa but you can catch him cruising with his wife on the weekends on his Harley Davidson touring bike.




Bio Coming Soon!