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Skills refresh course

Motorcycle Safety Foundation

Basic RiderCourse Level 2 (BRC 2) – $199

The BRC 2 is for the rider who wants to refresh and practice street riding maneuvers. The 5 hour course, taken on your own motorcycle, fine-tunes riding skills, develops finesse and emphasizes strategies to reduce risks. The ability to handle various riding situations is developed and reinforced throughout the course. This is done by putting you through specially designed on-cycle maneuvers that improve your decision-making process.

This course is for riders who already have basic skills. It is similar to the BRC except speeds are higher and you should be on your own motorcycle. It’s an excellent refresher course for practicing and renewing riding skills. It consists of only riding exercises and range discussions about safe riding practices (risk management, personal behaviour, maintenance etc).  

 It is a perfect way for you to reinforce basic skills on your own motorcycle.  This is a great way for you to self-assess how you are doing in a comfortable, low stress environment while riding your own bike.  

The pre-requisites for this course include the ability to:

– Use the clutch and throttle to get the motorcycle in motion

– Stop the motorcycle properly in a designated area

– Execute gradual and tight turns

– Up and downshift smoothly

– Achieve a speed of at least 25 mph

You must bring your own motorcycle, properly registered, insured and valid state safety inspection.  We will inspect the motorcycle for road worthiness and safe operation.  


Riders must have the appropriate riding gear, which includes a DOT certified open (three-quarter) or full face helmet, eye protection, long sleeve shirt or jacket, full-fingered gloves, long pants (no sweat pants or soft material) and sturdy over-the-ankle footwear.

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