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Licensing Waiver course

Motorcycle Safety Foundation

Basic RiderCourse Level 2 (BRC 2W) – $249

Course is designed for participants who are already familiar with motorcycle riding. This course includes the following:

  • eCourse (4 hours) – taken before attending a course at an MSF-recognized range

  • 6 hour in person range riding – on-motorcycle drills and skill evaluation that when passed waives riding portion of the DMV test.

This course uses many of the exercises from the Basic RiderCourse, including a Skills Test Evaluation to qualify for a motorcycle license in most states. Course includes an online classroom component for discussing safety concepts based on past riding experiences and current knowledge.

The in-person portion of this course takes one day.

Your successful completion of this course provides you with a completion card that you will need to take to the DMV to get the motorcycle endorsement on your license or permit. No DMV testing required.


The pre-requisites for this course include the ability to:

– Complete 4-hour online ecourse epackage 2 prior to range time

– Use the clutch and throttle to get the motorcycle in motion

– Stop the motorcycle properly in a designated area

– Execute gradual and tight turns

– Up and downshift smoothly

– Achieve a speed of at least 25 mph

You must bring your own motorcycle, properly registered, insured and valid state safety inspection.  We will inspect the motorcycle for road worthiness and safe operation.  


Riders must have the appropriate riding gear, which includes a DOT certified open (three-quarter) or full face helmet, eye protection, long sleeve shirt or jacket, full-fingered gloves, long pants (no sweat pants or soft material) and sturdy over-the-ankle footwear.

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