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intro to motorcycles

In a relaxed, no-stress environment, participants can ask questions, get advice, and enjoy becoming familiar with a motorcycle. This introduction is designed for those who want to know more, but are not sure about taking our more in-depth Basic Rider Course.


This two-hour or less, first touch experience with a motorcycle, is not designed to teach a person to ride. The experience highlights the primary parts and controls of a typical motorcycle and helps a potential rider determine whether motorcycling is a good personal choice.


Students will learn how to operate a clutch and practice using it.  They are also given the option to manipulate the primary controls while sitting on a motorcycle, providing a glimpse into our Basic RiderCourse (Link) as a formal way to learn to ride.


Students must provide their own protective equipment, we provide the motorcycle.  See the following link for Riding Gear and some gear rental options.



Introduction to motorcycle riding
intro motorcycle riding
introduction to motorcycle riding
motorcycle road
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