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Advanced riders course

No matter how long you have been riding, this course will challenge your skills! The Advanced RiderCourse is designed for experienced riders of all types of Two Wheel Motorcycles, including scooters. The ARC uses techniques developed by sportbike riders both on and off the track. The ARC is currently only available for Two Wheel Motorcycles.

You will learn:

  • High-speed maneuvering

  • Quick swerving / Avoidance techniques

  • Counter steering

  • Traction control

  • Emergency braking for curves and slippery surfaces

  • Learn how to stop dragging expensive parts in turns!

In order to take the course you must bring your own Two Wheel Motorcycle;

1. Your motorcycle must have  a valid state inspection sticker;

2. You must have proof that you are the registered owner of
your motorcycle and it must be current; and proof of insurance.

please note ; If you plan to bring a borrowed motorcycle that you are not the registered owner of,
the registered owner must be present or you must have a notarized letter from the owner giving
you permission to use it as well as the proof of registration.

The one day course is spent hands-on. Riders must use their own motorcycles. You must already have a valid motorcycle license and your bike must be licensed, insured (with proof of insurance) and street worthy.

The ARC is the public version of the Military SportBike RiderCourse (MSRC), and may be taken by riders using any type of two wheel motorcycle. It is a one-day course consisting of approximately 4 hours of classroom activities and 4 hours of riding activities.

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