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3 wheel basic riders course



The Can-Am Rider Education Program is available close to you, But act fast, this offer won't last forever.

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Pick up the basics and acquire confidence in handlinga 3-wheel vehicle in a controlled and safe environment under the supervision of a certified instructor.

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Most states require a 2 or 3-wheel riding course to get your license. With this course, you'll get up to speed and on the road before you know it.

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Starting at only $99, you'll be able to ride a Can-Am On-Road model. The only commitment you make is to excitement, adventure, and yourself.

Prepare for the classroom by exploring our available study materials to better prepare you for the Knowledge portion of the class

  • Three Wheel Motorcycle's are provided for the class

  • Helmet Rental's are offered for this course; learn more HERE

  • Virginia will waive both the written and riding tests for your M3 endorsement.

  • Graduates may qualify for insurance premium discounts with some motorcycle insurers.

  • Completion of the Three Wheel Basic RiderCourse satisfies the requirements of the Department of Defense regulations regarding motorcycle training for active duty military members and civilians operating a motorcycle on and off military installations.

If you've ever dreamed of an open road adventure, then the Can-Am Rider Education Program is your path to reality!

Our Certified instructors will share their expertise for you to receive the training fundamentals required to successfully complete the course and obtain your 3-wheel motorcycle endorsement. A Can-Am On-Road model will be provided for the duration of the course at no extra cost.

You will receive theoretical and practical essentials worth months of riding experience:


  • how to minimize risk and handle special situations

  • basic vehicle control

  • throttle control

  • straight line riding

  • stopping

  • turning and shifting

  • advanced skills like stopping quickly and evasive maneuvering


In most states, both the knowledge test & skills test can be taken at your local riding school waiving the DMV requirements. This does not apply to Maryland.

There’s never been a better time to Learn To Ride.

What to ExpecT

  • Approximately 15-hours of instruction (5 hours classroom/10 hours riding)

  • Range exercises include low-speed maneuvers and basic skills such as shifting, accelerating, braking, cornering, U-turn, lane change

  • You’ll be with the same group for the duration of your training

  • You’ll receive individual RiderCoach feedback while learning to ride

  • Motorcycles are provided for the course

  • Helmets & Gloves are available at $25 for rent during the course

  • Types and/or models of motorcycles available vary by site. Ask your RiderCoach which training bike is best for you based on your height, weight or preferred riding style



Click here for details and registration.


We offer a variety of bikes in our classes.  If you are small or tall just let us know and we will make sure we have the right mix of bikes to try and accommodate your needs.  

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