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Henry Waters
Kevin Harris
Reno Birt
Nathan Deas

Our Director of Training,


Reno Birt,


has proudly been a motorcycle coach for more than 27 years. A few of his accreditations are serving as a MSF Trainer/Rider Coach/ Quality Assurance Specialist, ESC three -wheel coach, and Harley-Davidson Rider Coach and Network Quality Consultant. Reno is also certified by the National Safety Council

to instruct in the Alive@25 program,Defensive Drivers Course and First Aid/CPR/AED. He presently serves as the National Safety Officer of the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club and is a member of the World Champion Central Florida Motorcycle Drill Team.


Reno delivers a high level of experience and enthusiasm to PowerRide University. He truly believes that riding a motorcycle is SERIOUS FUN! Safety, quality and fun are the foundation of training at PowerRide University!

Learn to Ride... Safely with PowerRide University
  • “I had a easy time understanding motorcycles thanks to Reno, he explained it to me in a way that was easy to understand and helped me feel really confident as a new rider."        - Intro to Motorcycles Course

Lilly J.



  • “I was really nervous at the start and wanted to quit because I kept over thinking. But that changed as soon as i stopped for a moment and recollected my thoughts so I could try my best and pass the class, Hank and Nathan are both very good instructors that helped me regain some confidence!”

      - Basic Riders Course / Two Wheel

Brian H.



  • “It was my first time ever on a bike but I managed to get the hang of riding pretty easy. I think its because Kevin really stuck with me and made sure to point out what I was doing wrong so I could improve, I would 100% take the class again in the future.”

      - Basic Riders Course / Two Wheel

   Tyler P.



  • “Fantastic coaching from the instructors and I felt I learned alot within the span of the class and had a blast out on the range.”

      - Basic Riders Course / Two Wheel

Kevin D.

  • “I reached my goal to be reaquainted  with basic techniques for riding, I'll be sure to recommend this class to my friends so they know where to go if they decide to ride."         - Basic Riders Course / Two Wheel

Deshaun M.



  • “My Range Instructors were Margret and Reno, I just wanted to say I had an amazing time over the weekend with the two day course. I learned alot of skills to help me stay safe on the road while riding.”

      - Basic Riders Course / Two Wheel

Myles A.



  • “I thought the course was very beneficial. The instructors seemed knowledgable too so that was reassuring, on top of that I'd say I had alot of fun during the class.”

      - Basic Riders Course / Two Wheel

   Tanner Z.



  • “The class is straight forward and easy to follow, just stop and ask for help from an instructor if you feel stuck especially since this was my first time on a bike in 17 years. Big shout out to Margret for helping me stay confident in the class.”

      - Basic Riders Course / Two Wheel

Kayla S.

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