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Can't get training in Maryland? We can help!

Here is what you will have to do:

   a.  Sign up for one of our classes in Virginia,  we will teach you how to ride the 3 wheel CAN AM or a two wheel motorcycle,  this will          involve you taking  a knowledge & riding test with us to pass the respective safety course.

   b.  Obtain your MD motorcycle learner's PERMIT (either before or after your class).  Involves a knowledge test given by MD MVA.  

   c.  if you have access to  or acquire a motorcycle/CAN AM, you can then ride your bike within the limits of the learner's permit.

   d. schedule yourself to take the license test at a MVA center (at least two weeks after obtaining your learners' permit).  

For additional Details on attaining your Maryland License please visit the following page - click here

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